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About me

Haven't posted here in a while, so I figured I'd copy a few memes from Facebook that I completed a while ago just to keep things "fresh". Yes, I know that makes no sense.


[An office building.  CLIENT, a well-dressed executive-type, is seated outside his office, slowly pounding his head against a space on the wall just to the left of his door jamb.  He appears to have been doing this for some time, as the paint is showing signs of distress and CLIENT's clothes are covered with dust from the vibrating ceiling.  ME, dressed for "casual Friday", approaches from SL.]

Me: Why are you doing that?

Client: Because my head hurts :: continues bashing ::

Me: Would you like your head to stop hurting?

Client: Yes. :: continues bashing ::

Me: If you pay me, I can tell you how.

Client: OK – here’s some cash.  :: continues bashing ::

Me: Stop bashing your head.

Client: Brilliant theory.  Here’s more money  :: continues bashing ::

Me: No, really.  If you stop, your head stops hurting.

Client: Yeah, but I’ve been doing this for years :: continues bashing ::

Me: For about as long as you’ve had your headache?

Client: I know what you’re getting at, but I just can’t stop.  :: bashing ::

Me: Perhaps a hat?

Client: Oooh!  Stuff to buy!  OK, get me a hat :: flings cash, continues bashing ::


NY Times puzzle 12/21, snow, and updates

Been a while since I've been here -- been a crazy few weeks.

Sunday Times Puzzle 9/27 and Update

Miss me?

Originally published at David Nikithser.
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The Blog is Back!

You'd seriously think I was developing the antidote for death with how hard I have to work to do the most simple web-based administration and maintenance.

Originally published at David Nikithser.

Sunday NY Times Puzzle 6/14

29 minutes. I normally like letter addition/subtraction/substitution puzzles, but when you add that along with homonyms, it just makes the whole thing a little too precious for me.

Originally published at David Nikithser.
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My Twitter Policy

Twitter's been a hot topic in my circle as of late - even my mom asked me about it the other day! In recent days, I've gotten a number of new Twitter followers, mostly from my twittering at the WSOP. Im some cases, it's really cool - in others, it's not. So, if you give a damn, here's my policy for followers on Twitter - will I follow, will I block, or "other".

Originally published at David Nikithser (aka david973 on Twitter).
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Poker and Gardening and Stuff

On my upcoming trip, gardening, and my weekly update on the Sunday Times crossword puzzle.

Originally published at David Nikithser.

Vegas: 14 Days and Counting

It is now two weeks until I leave for Vegas for my World Series Of Poker adventure. Some of you may be curious about what I'll be up to, so I shall now attempt to explain.

Will you be on TV?
Depends on whether or not they decide to televise my event, which is very early in the tournament.

What do you mean, "your event"?
Yes, there is the giant tournament that ESPN and the rest of the media gives great attention to - the "Main Event", which takes places over a number of weeks, attracts thousands of players, and offers a prize of millions of dollars to the winner. I am not playing in that event, mainly because I don't have $10,000 for the buy in.

So which event are you playing in?
I will be playing in Event #3, the Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Split tournament.

Yep. Omaha.

The games you see regularly on TV are based on Texas Hold 'Em - each player gets two cards for themselves, and has to make the best possible hand with any combination of the two in their hand and the five community cards that come up on the table. Omaha Hold 'Em is similar, except each player gets four cards and must use exactly two of them in a given hand. "Two from your hand, three from the board." Always.

What's the "hi-lo" part mean?
It means that for any given hand their can be two winners who split the pot - one with a high hand (the typical rankings apply, with a royal flush being tops), and a low hand, where the wheel (A-2-3-4-5) is the best possible hand. Here's the catch - you don't need to use the same two pocket cards for both possible hands, so it's possible for a player to "scoop", or win both hands of the pot, with the same hand. Scooping is how one wins this particular brand of poker.

Originally published at David Nikithser.

Been nice knowin' ya, Wintel.

I've made the executive decision that this will be the last Windows/Intel architecture-based machine that I own. I kinda want to blame HP, but if there's one thing that 20 years working in technology has taught me it's that root causes are very much like roots - many-fingered, knotted, and rarely trackable to a single point. When things like this happen, it's usually due to a cocktail of problems.

What happened, you ask? Well, for a few weeks now I'd start up the machine and get some random application failures - mostly around the manufacturer's pre-installed nonsense that I generally don't have time to uninstall or disable myself (Root Cause #1: My own laziness). I'd reboot again later, and immediately go into a CHKDSK state while the low-level OS worked out whatever corruption it had found. This generally led to me having to re-install software (remember my "constantly re-installing WoW" complaints?) and generally have to move things around to get stuff back up-and-running properly. Then the whole cycle would start all over again.

About a week ago, things finally got to the point where Vista's (Root Cause #2: The world is MS's beta test) system repair wizard started and did some repairs on the hard drive. All was right with the world, and things appeared to be working fantastically. Then, last night, as Dawn was killing things with her own WoW toon, we starting having persistent lock-ups. I rebooted this morning, and the repair wizard began again - only this time, it couldn't make the necessary repairs.

I had to do a bare-metal restore. Which, dating back to the first jobs I had in this God-forsaken industry, are my LEAST favorite things to do.

So now, here I sit, reinstalling everything for what will absolutely be the last time EVER on a PC. If things go south on this laptop again, I'm imaging it with Linux and learning how the rest of the world does it.

Been a fun ride, IBM Clones. Stay sweet. See you 'round the office sometime.

Originally published at David Nikithser.



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